Your Move

I used to play chess, but I’ve lost the habit. Not a great loss; I wasn’t very good anyway. But lately—perhaps because of the pandemic or maybe the waning days of winter—the chess board has magically reappeared on the coffee table, and my wife has been imploring me to teach her to play. I’m not… Continue reading Your Move


The tulip tree across the street is in full flower. The forsythia in the backyard is dressed in vibrant yellow. All around us, spring is springing and while I’m sure there will be some backsliding in the days to come, it feels like we’ve turned another heavenly corner. And yet, amid all this vernal beauty,… Continue reading Incongruity

The Colors of the World

There must be some subliminal messaging going on in the world these days. It seems that every time I open my eyes, I’m seeing two colors everywhere: blue and yellow. It’s not as simple as the proximity of blue and yellow on the electromagnetic spectrum; after all, Mr. and Mrs. Green live comfortably between those… Continue reading The Colors of the World


About this time every year, I start thinking about summer. Sunny cups of morning coffee, lingering afternoons on the golf course, late evening chats on the front porch, life discalced. Shoeless, like Joe Jackson or St. Teresa of Ávila and her Carmelite nuns who lived in poverty and simplicity and devoted their time to prayer… Continue reading Discalced


By now, you’ve probably heard about the supersized container ship Ever Forward—oh, the irony!—that is stuck in Chesapeake Bay mud off of Gibson Island. The irony, of course, is compounded by the fact that just a year ago, Ever Forward’s sister ship—Ever Given—got stuck in the Suez Canal and tied up that waterway for several… Continue reading Stuck


I was in the land of deep sleep when my wife said to me, “Do you hear that?” I struggled to swim to the surface, listening, listening in the dark. And then, through the fog, I did hear it: one faint little chirp from the other side of the bedroom door. And then—maybe thirty seconds… Continue reading Chirp


A life is a mosaic, a story made up a thousand tiny chips of stone or glass or marble, seemingly random shapes that when assembled by some unseen hand enable us to see completely. And isn’t it sad or ironic or perhaps both, that we don’t ever get to see our own final product? But… Continue reading Mosaic


Age has come creeping up on me like a fox to the hen house. Not all that long ago—well, I guess it might have been a decade or two ago—my friend Marty said to me, “Growing old isn’t for sissies.” I scoffed at the time, but I’m not scoffing now: there is more snap, crackle,… Continue reading Age


This past weekend, Scottie Scheffler won the Masters. Kudos to him! But maybe the bigger story was written by Tiger Woods. Now I know he gets the lion’s share of golf attention, but nevertheless, his return to Augusta was nothing short of miraculous. Remember: just over a year ago, he was so badly injured in… Continue reading Ice

The Way We Were

The Way We Were That’s me, peeking out from the back row. The year was 1966, I was a freshman at Wesleyan University, and I had just pledged a fraternity. All those other guys in the photo were my new brothers. That photograph was taken almost fifty-six years ago. I’m counting because recently my class… Continue reading The Way We Were